About Us

NORTHPINE LAND, INCORPORATED is a real estate company offering affordable but high quality homes. Through the years it has built a solid reputation for excellence, quality and value for money.

NorthPine Land is a consortium of prominent shareholders, namely Jardine Matheson’s multinational property group Hongkong Land, Metrobank, Banco de Oro, and San Miguel Properties.

A decade ago, Jardine Land Inc. (JLI) and Jardine Properties Inc. were organized, offering affordable high quality homes for the middle-class. Through the years, they built a solid reputation for excellence, quality and value for money.

In 2005, Jardine decided to consolidate its property investments which included JLI and JPI under Hongkong Land, the property company of the Jardines Group, making it effectively the major shareholder, while the rest of the equity continued to be shared by Banco De Oro Universal Bank, Metrobank and San Miguel Properties, Inc.

What to call the new real estate company?
Borne out of the intrinsic strengths, talents and values, its varied stakeholders imbibed, developed and cherished through the years, came the name… NorthPine.

North... represents a direction, the starting point in charting a journey. North is the cornerstone of the principles and values we live and work by, principles that are fundamental, absolute, unchanging and permanent – among which are fairness, transparency, integrity, honesty, human dignity, excellence, honor, justice and God-centeredness.

Pine... suggests green, cool, fresh and calm, natural fragrant. It is reminiscent of Christmas and merry days, a joyful spirit that we want our employees to imbibe and hopefully cascade down to delight our clients and customers.

NorthPine Land, Inc. Renamed, reborn and ready for the next decade.