Norfolk Ridge

A homey and comfortable homestead for families who desire quality and tranquility, Norfolk Ridge brings life to its fullest with its enchanting setting, engrossing pine-scented environment and five incomparable and well-defined model houses. Each house model has a floor area ranging from 179-238 sqm on 150-225 sqm lots. With a choice of five (5) elegant house and lot packages, our clients can choose from these homes designed for green living, friendly to both the residents and to the environment.

In addition to the amenities and facilities being enjoyed by the residents of Greenwoods Village, Norfolk residents have special privileges…

A Grand Entrance – This phase has an intricate entrance to the pine enclave. It is a landscaped entrance signage located before crossing the bridge that connects Norfolk Ridge to Greenwoods Village.

A Stately Fresh Landscape – The streets are now planted with “Araucaria” or Norfolk Pine trees, framed for their perfect cone symmetry and elegant charm.

A Woodland Park and Playground – A park and children’s playground now exists near the entrance of the enclave just before the entrance bridge for the use and enjoyment of its residents.

Pine-Inspired Street Signs and Street Names – All streets are named after the Pine Family of trees.
Start building your dream home by availing of our house and lot offerings big enough for any family.

- Playground
- Mini Park
- Gazebo
- Basketball Court
- Chapel
- Picnic Grounds
- Village Square
- Badminton Center
- Tennis Court
- Swimming Pools
- Nature Trails
- Amphitheatre
- Fishing Area
- Viewing Decks with Exercise Area
- Multi-Purpose Pavilions

Vicinity Map:

Development Map: